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Mixmedia on canvas 80x100 cm Frieda is this Spanish woman, she is a passionate flamenco dancer and loves live 2023 1800,-€ Original Print on Canvas 50x70 cm 350,- € 80x100 cm 500,- € Poster               50x70 cm 75,- €

Mixmedia on Canvas 100x100 cm Mulan is a sensual woman swimming in space and time, the little fishes swimming around her give the observer the impression of water, but it could be clouds she is flying in. 2023 Original: 2400,- € Print on Canvas:

Mixmedia on Canvas 80x100 cm 2023 she carries the name of her characteristic she is this woman full of passion in her heart. Original: 1800,- € Print on canvas: 50x70 cm 350,- € 80x100 cm 500,- € Poster:         50x70 cm 75,- €

Mixmedia 80 x 100 cm 2023 A dark haired woman wearing a white, flowy dress. Her looks remind of the actress Marlene Dietrich, the yellow background gives the artwork a positive and friendly appeal.   Original: Sold Print on Canvas: 80x100 cm. 500,- € 50x70 cm 

Mixmedia on canvas 70x100 cm 2023 this red haired beauty is a dreamer, she is floating in her own world, the fish and brown ivy symbolizes her dreams. Original 1900,- € Print on canvas 70x100 cm 500,- € 60x80 cm 350,- € Poster