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Mixmedia on canvas 80 x 100 cm Original 1800,- €

Dancing orchids

Mixmedia on canvas 80×100 cm Original 1800,- €  


Mixmedia on canvas 80×100 cm Frieda is this Spanish woman, she is a passionate flamenco dancer and loves live 2023 1800,-€ Original Print on Canvas 50×70 cm 350,- € 80×100 cm 500,- € Poster              […]


Mixmedia on Canvas 100×100 cm Mulan is a sensual woman swimming in space and time, the little fishes swimming around her give the observer the impression of water, but it could be clouds she is flying in. 2023 Original: 2400,- […]


Mixmedia on Canvas 80×100 cm 2023 she carries the name of her characteristic she is this woman full of passion in her heart. Original: 1800,- € Print on canvas: 50×70 cm 350,- € 80×100 cm 500,- € Poster:      […]

April and May

Mixmedia and goldleaf on canvas 2x80x80 cm Inspired by “the girls in the see roses”, there sweet faces,  these two girls are the embodiment of spring, the right one is April, the left one May, playing with balloons, their hair […]


Mixmedia 80 x 100 cm 2023 A dark haired woman wearing a white, flowy dress. Her looks remind of the actress Marlene Dietrich, the yellow background gives the artwork a positive and friendly appeal.   Original: Sold Print on Canvas: […]

Joy and her friend

Mixmedia and goldleaf on canvas 70×100 cm These two girl young and beautiful dancing, enjoying live to the fullest 2200,- €   2023


Mixmedia on canvas 70×100 cm 2023 this red haired beauty is a dreamer, she is floating in her own world, the fish and brown ivy symbolizes her dreams. Original 1900,- € Print on canvas 70×100 cm 500,- € 60×80 cm […]

broken heart

Mixmedia on canvas 100×70 cm 1500,- € this sentimental work has arisen at some difficult time when my business partner left me alone with the galery. Its okay to be sad once in a while, but important to get up […]

golden flower bird

Mixmedia and goldleaf on canvas 60×80 cm this is one of my works standing for peace and freedom 600,- € 2023  

keep quiet

Mixmedia on canvas 60×80 cm this painting is part of the series : Dreams of peace. her message is be quiet and know in your heart 2023 Original: 700,-€ Print on Canvas 80×100 cm 500,- € 60×80 cm 350,- € […]

The lost generation

Mixmedia on canvas 80×100 cm This painting is about the children that are born during war or other unfortunate situation. This two children are there for each other, there hope for the future is staying quite and surrendering to the […]


Mixmedia on canvas 50×75 cm 2023 This painting is part of the series : dreams of peace. She is feeling save and secure one with her white dove on her hands. Original: 700,- € Print on Canvas 80×100 cm 500,- […]

the power of flowers

Mixmedia on canvas 60×40 cm 2023 this painting is part of the series: dreams of peace. this painting embodies beauty and peace the white bird and flowers speak for them selfs Original: 700,- € Print on canvas: 100×80 cm 500,- […]


Mixmedia on Canvas 30×40 cm 2023 This painting is part of the series: dreams of peace. The little girl Lola is content and one with her white peace bird, dreaming of peace. Original: 500,- € Print on canvas: 80×100 cm […]

white rose

i am a star

Mixmedia on canvas 60×74 cm 2023 this confident girl is vibrant and wonderful charismatic, that makes her a star Original: 700,- € Print on canvas 80×100 cm 500,- € 50×70 cm 350,- € Poster 75,- €

Ladies night out

Mixmedia on canvas 140×160 cm 2023 This painting was created after Corona. After this long period of waiting at home, feeling thirsty to go out young ladys enjoying thres time out again, but hesitant and a bit shy, how was […]

Girl with Babydove

Mixmedia on canvas


Mischtechnik auf Leinwand 40×100 cm 2023 Sold

loving butterflies

Mixmedia on canvas 60×80 cm 2022 This girl is in love with spring, as the cocoon becomes a butterfly shes patiently waiting. Original: 700,- €  


Mixmedia on canvas 40×120 cm 2022 This painting is part of the serie Dreams of peace. Aysha is a wise woman from turkey, her fortune peace bird in her arms.   Original: 700,- €    

loving Champagne

Mixmedia on Canvas 45×70 cm 2022 She is in love with live in love with everything cherishing the moment Original; 700,- €  

golden 20th

Mixmedia on wood (framed) 62×75 cm 2021 A beautiful woman in her twenties, living in the golden twenties. The white dress contrasts nicely with her dark hair and lips. The understated background focuses the viewer’s attention to the woman and […]

girl with pomgranat

Mixmedia on wood framed 54×69 cm 2022 Original: 1800,- €

Flora “goddess of spring

mixmedia on wood (framed) 55×95 cm 2021 Original 1800,- €  


Mixmedia on canvas 1500×1500 cm Sold 2003 I had a dream about a Tsunami, a few weeks before it happened, not knowing its name thou i started drawing it it kept me busy for weeks and months, for me it […]

crying planet

Mixmedia on canvas, 100×100 cm 2017 Original: 1800,- Euro This painting is speaking about global warming and poisoning the nature  

beggar boy

Mixmedia on canvas 40×60 cm 2016 sold

soheila (die Frau ohne Gesicht)

Mischtechnik auf Leinwand 85×153 2019 1800,- Euro Das Gemälde zeigt eine, wie man als Betrachter erstmal annimmt wunderschöne Frau, jedoch bleibt im verborgenen und lässt Raum für Interpretationen wie sie von vorne aussieht. Im Iran gibt es immer wieder Proteste […]

see no evil

Mixmedia on canvas 80×120 cm A woman diving, her dress seems to be made out of water and waves, the octopus on her face keeps her from seeing what humanity has done to the earth and oceans, keeps her from […]


Mixmedia on canvas 100×70  cm 2016 A woman in tune with her environment, leaning against a tiger. She’s embracing her true self and finds comfort in wild nature, original 1600,- Euro

peacefull in the moonlight

Mixmedia on canvas 70×100 cm A woman in white with a fox, her eyes are closed. She’s living in the moment, enjoying the time with her fox at night. 2018 Original: 1800,- €  


Mixmedia on canvas 120×60 cm 2020 sold

me and my love

Mixmedia on canvas 80×80 cm 2018   Sold

The world

Mixmedia on canvas 70×100 cm 2021 A woman holding the world in her hands. She is the source of life, the origin of humanity and the visualization of mother earth. The soft background coloring reminds of flowers and nature which […]

fox lady two

Mixmedia on Canvas 2020 A woman with closed eyes embracing a fox. The lively background colors and splatters extend to the fox’ fur, this contrasts well with its dark colors and gives the impression of a dream-like state. 890,-€

fox lady

Mixmedia on canvas 2018 Sold

feeding the eagle

Mixmedia on canvas A woman feeding an eagle with butterflies surrounding her. Her body and hair merges with the blue background, 700,- Euro


Mixmedia and leaf gold on canvas 110×110 cm A ballerina sitting underwater, she is dreaming of a perfect world like Atlantis. Her eyes are bound, this amplifies the impression of her living in a dream world. Original 2200,- Euro  

a message for you

Mixmedia on canvas A woman with a white dove in her hands. The dove symbolizes peace and unity, it is supposed to give hope to the world. 2018 950,- Euro


Mixmedia and leaf gold on canvas A woman with flowers, it seems like she’s holding bubbles in her hands and is embracing the moment with closed eyes. 2016 550,- Euro

girl with chicken

Mixmedia on canvas 50×62 cm 2016 sold

boy with chicken

Mixmedia on canvas 50×60 cm 2016 sold


Mixmedia on canvas 70×100 cm A woman embracing her child, sleeping and dreaming of fishes. 2015 1600,- Euro

for Simin

Mixmedia on canvas 70×100 cm A girl dreaming about an adventure on horseback. They are surrounded by fishes, this gives the artwork a surrealistic touch. 2015 1600,- Euro

cherry blossoms

Mixmedia on canvas An asian looking woman surrounded by cherry blossoms, reminding the viewer of spring in Japan. 2015 61×50 cm

beauty and the beast

Mixmedia on canvas 2016 sold

angel and owl

Mixmedia on canvas 2015 sold


Mixmedia on canvas 70×100 cm 2017 Sold

Arya and the wolf

Mixmedia on Canvas


Kissing birds

Venus with fish

Tile relief picture crackle glazed 100×160 cm Sold

storys and myths

Tile relief picture Lange vor Entstehung der Wissenschaft grübelten unsere Vorfahren um die Rätsel der Welt. Mythen halfen Ihnen dabei die Entstehung der Welt, die Existenz des Göttlichen und Leben und Tod zu begreifen. Es entstanden Rituale und Feste die […]

Flora “goddess of spring”

Flora “the goddess of spring”   Tile relief picture white crackle glazed 95×118 cm


Ton Relief Fliese crackle transparent glasiert 250,- Euro


Ton relief Fliese crackle türkis glasiert 250,- Euro

horse and girl

Ton Relief mit bronze patina 360,- Euro

birds and patterns

relief  Ton Fliese 250,-Euro verkauft

Virgin with fish

Ton Relief 33x33cm, 200,- €


Ballerina with child

Ballerina with child ca. 20×20 cm clay sculpture with white crackle glazing 2200,- €  


Ton Skulptur roter Ton weiß crackle glasiert und mit Acryl gebeizt 2200,- Euro

peace bird

Ton Skulptur bronze patina   1600,- Euro

crying planet

Ton Skulptur weiss crackle glasiert 2300,- Euro

die drei Jungfrauen

Keramik Skulpturen glasiert crackle transparent 1800,- Euro